ok but real talks how amazing is this sweater I got custom made for @morgsk66 & I 😍 #iheartYTboys

there’s nothing like NYC at night

bokehandbooks said: where did you get your sealy? also, CONGRATS ON 1 MILLION BBY!!! :)))

thanks girl!! <3 and my bf ordered it from somewhere in japan, he had to do some crazy stuff to get it but I think they have them on ebay/amazon! search sirotan seal :) 

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basedalec said: how bout go to the CN Tower and stand on the glass floor OR EVEN BETTER, do that 360 walk around the CN tower to celebrate you reaching 1 million!!! love you btw, reppin TDOT !

WOO TDOT <3! tbh I’m soooo scared I’ll get up there to do the edge walk and then get stuck in one spot and not be able to move out of fear LOL hahahaha 

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Anonymous said: bae is at 1 mill!!! OMG i cannot believe this im so freaking happy for you i've been on the fam since you early thousand subs and i'm so so proud that you made it till here because you totally deserve it. i love you so much and congrats <3

eeee thats so cool to hear!! thanks for all the kind wordss <3 

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lagoonblue-s said: CONGRATS ON 1 MILLION SUBS LAUR!!! you are such an inspiration and you deserve it! :) xx <3


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olii20 said: Congrats Laur! Big fan of yours!! I'm not sure what you could do for 1 million subs but anything you do make sure it makes you happy! If you enjoy doing it we'll enjoy waching it! <3

awe so nice!!!! I’m still thinking, but I’ve got some cool ideas now! 

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bernadettesworld said: Hey Lauren, my sister and I came up with ideas for your 1 million. I know you hate heights and you are currently living in Toronto, so how about doing the stingray experience at Ripley's Aquarium. You can check out their website Ripley's Aquarium of Canada for more info. We love you <3

OMG that is actually such a cool idea, I’m looking at it now and it looks really cool! thanks for the suggestion girlies!! <3 

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