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which outfit was your fav from my #BTSwithlaur lookbook?? the link is in my bio if you missed the vid! I start school on wednesday….. like just no πŸ™…

Anonymous said: No matter how famous you get, I hope you continue to stay humble :) i like that about your personality!

thanks girl!! I for sure will :) I’ve seen so many gurus put on a show that they’re “famous” just because they have a lot of viewers on youtube, its legit so annoying

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totoro4ever said: hey what is ur pinterest account? !

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charms-and-glitter said: Laur: I love yooou! Love all your vids & your blog <3 IM MOVING TO TORONTO NEXT YEAR AND IM GUNNA MAKE SURE I MEET YOUR GORGEOUS FACE! xo

AW YAY OK!!!!! you’re going to love toronto!Β 

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Anonymous said: I've become a tad obsessed with your DIY vids recently😳 & now follow you on so much social media! I think I became a teeny bit more obsessed when I realised you're from my favourite country in the whole world! I love watching your vids cos you're so down to earth & so imaginative! Plus your absolutely stunning!πŸ’ keep doing what you're doing because you're awesome! 😘

ahhhhh! thank you so much beb!!! xoxoΒ 

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Anonymous said: I'm still dealing with withdrawl from PLL, how'd you deal with the shocker finale?

tbh I’m like 5 epis behind :( life has gotten soooooo busy, I gotta catch up asap tho!Β 

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missing that cali weather &amp; the santa monica pier
&amp; THE INSTA GIVEAWAY WINNER IS: @terminatoor πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰ thank you to everyone who entered I can&#8217;t believe there were more than 60,000 entries!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! also, let&#8217;s keep this giveaway positive and congratulate @terminatoor and hold the negativity βœ‹ you guys are amazing, I love you &amp; thank you for entering!!! πŸ’•
no other way to finish off summer