I’m (not really) skating at wicked speeds right now

Anonymous said: How long have you and Baz been together? How old were you when you started dating?

3 and a half years! and UUM we would have been 17/19 :) 

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Anonymous said: I've been wanting to ask you this question for a looong time. How did you decorated your craft table (the one in the videos with the collage photos) ?

I made a DIY video on awesomenessTV! just search laurDIY awesomnesstv mood table :) 

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bo-ston said: It's getting me through my 9 to 5 job knowing you uploaded a new video that I get to watch when I get home!!


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gxhrxsannex said: pls do more diy videos!! rlly enjoyed watching, hope to try out one day! :-)

I upload DIYs every sunday :) 

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SASSY HAIRZ, my hair care routine & how to grow your hair video is live! {link in my bio}

isobelrosaa said: Hiiii, please could you send me the photos on your laptop case/the links/or the websites you got them from. Thank you. :)

oh god girl that was so long ago LOL, I definitely dont have the links any stuff, but I think I uploaded the actual final photo to my website, check the description of that specific vid for more info!

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catarinabraga000 said: Could you please do some morning and night routines for summer or for back to school??

you got it

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Anonymous said: does baz have a tumblr?!

no hahahah he doesnt really like social media that much

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Anonymous said: In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different, and let me tell you girl that there is no one like you, you are so unique, Ily

WOW that was so effing nice holy crap, love you too

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about triangl swimwear?

I think triangl had an AMAZING campaign, they basically took over swimwear and instagram so snaps to them for that! I think their suits are super cute, but I would never spend that kind of money on a swimsuit slash I heard the neoprene soaks up water reeeeally badly hahaha 

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back to school videos ✔️, back to school ✖️