peytonatorpink said: Have you ever been to nyc?

twice! once with my fam doing the touristy things and then once for beautycon NYC with friends and did more local things which was so much more fun 

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waurrior said: Hey Lauren :) How are you? I loved your 'Gumball Machine Halloween Costume Tutorial'. It was super creative and looked like it would take hours but you made it so easy!! I'm honestly seriously considering that for my Halloween costume lol love youuuu. Stay rad. ☺

yay!!! that’s awesome! :D send me a piccy if you do, that’s sick 

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sad-ultraviolence said: I recently moved to an area in the UK where it's probably going to get really cold and snow a lot more than I am used too 😝❄️ Is there any winter boots you'd recommend? :)

ahhh I wish I had something to recommend to ya! i usually just trek it out in my combat boots, I have a pair of uggs for days when I’m just feeling like being super super comfy but I don’t usually wear them out very much (they also get destroyed if you don’t care for them properly which is annoying hahaha) 

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Anonymous said: what is university like? people talk about university life and i really don't know what its like, is it like high school? how many courses do you choose and stuff? and especially what are the programs in ryerson and what is it known for?

I actually have a whole vid on university if you wanna check it out! but as for the stuff I dont think I talked about, university is sooooo diff than HS, you have 5-7 courses, the programs are all listed on their website and I’m actually not really sure what we’re known for LOL maybe the radio and television program, hope this helps! 

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Anonymous said: will there be a ryerson meetup one day ? :d

usually my meetups are hosted by companies so that they can make sure it’s safe and follows rules and regulations of the city and whatnot, so most likely not, but I’ve had two downtown toronto meetups not far from ryerson if you ever did want to come to one! :) 

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"Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit."